Celebrating Recycling Progress

This Earth Day, we take a walk through memory lane to see the progress that’s been made since 2017 in the Advanced Recycling space.

Celebrating Plastics Progress on Earth Day 2024

Celebrating Earth Day with Advanced Recycling in Half the Country  Advanced recycling helps increase the types and amount of plastics that can be recycled by turning plastic waste into liquid and gas materials that can…

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A successful Spring! – March 2024

Dear Chemistry Advocates,Starting us off with some great news out of Wyoming, where with unanimous bipartisan support in both chambers, the state became the 25th to adopt legislation ensuring that advanced recycling facilities are transparently…

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Leaping into March – February 2024

Dear Chemistry Advocates,Happy Leap Day and welcome to the latest from Team Chemistry! In this edition, we delve into critical issues facing the chemical industry and our nation’s security, spotlighting the urgent need to restore…

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