About Plant Tours

About Plant Tours

“Chemistry does so much that we don’t even think about, but to see what happens right here in my home district is pretty special.”

U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg, Michigan’s 7th District

Chemistry companies and elected officials alike agree on the value in getting industry & government talking to learn about how they can work together to better impact their communities.

In-person engagement is a core component of ACC’s advocacy strategy. Political Mobilization works with ACC members to coordinate visits for elected officials to tour your facilities and meet with your company’s leadership.

Hosting your elected officials for a plant tour is great way to:

  • Build relationships with the elected officials that represent your company
  • Educate lawmakers about your company’s products and economic impacts
  • Share your perspective, concerns and priorities for legislation and regulations and how they impact your business

These extremely valuable engagements provide elected officials an understanding of how chemical facilities operate and the impacts the business of chemistry has on both the local and global economy, allowing them to make better informed public policy decisions.

ACC’s 190 member companies have a presence across the entire United States. The business of chemistry, which employs 529,000 American workers, represents a significant part of the U.S. manufacturing industry, and elected officials welcome the opportunity to connect.

Over the last 5 years, the ChemistryMatters team has coordinated more then 450 tours for companies to connect with their elected officials. We will help you set up a meeting, travel to your facility for the tour, and even bring legislative materials.

How to get involved:

Email PM@americanchemistry.com to get started, or fill out the form below.

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