ACC Member Plant Tour Hub

Please bookmark this page as you work to coordinate plant tours, and check back every week to see where your company is in the running for the coveted 2022 Political Mobilization Awards!

Current Leaderboard:

These member companies have had the highest number of completed ACC-involved visits this year.

Top Three:

  • BASF
  • Huntsman
  • LyondellBasell

Still In the Running:

  • CPChem
  • ICL Group
  • Ingevity
  • Wacker

To add a visit to your list, invite ACC on scheduled engagements or share with the team ahead of time.

*Note: Awards are given for the top three companies with most legislator plant tours completed with ACC by October. Legislators can be federal or state as well as state agency leadership or governors.

Upcoming Tours: 

  • 9/6: Rep. Rob Wittman at Dupont
  • 9/6: State Rep. Cody Vasut at LyondellBasell
  • 9/8: Rep. James Comer at Ingevity
  • 9/13: Governor Brian Kemp at ACC
  • 9/13: State Rep. Tarver and State Rep. Geymann at LyondellBasell
  • 9/14: Morgan Luttrell (Candidate) at Huntsman
  • 9/19: Rep. Sedrick Denson and Rep. Catherine Ingram at OxyChem
  • 9/20: State Rep. Mary Ann Perez at LyondellBasell
  • 9/23: Rep. Mike Johnson at Ingevity
  • 9/26: TX Rep. Mayes Middleton Baytown at Covestro
  • 9/28: Gov. Henry McMaster at Elkem Silicones
  • 9/29: IL State Delegation at LyondellBasell
  • 10/5: Rep. Bill Johnson at Dover Chemical
  • 10/6: Rep. Garret Graves at Huntsman
  • 10/12: Rep. Carol Miller Huntington at Koppers
  • 10/17: Rep. Jim Clyburn North at Ingevity
  • 10/20: Rep. Dan Crenshaw at CPChem

How to Schedule Visits (and Win Awards):

Steps to Schedule:

1. Email ACC contact.

Get started by emailing an ACC staffer (see map below to find who). They’ll consult with you about which of your company’s facilities could be good to invite elected officials to, or if you already have targets, help make an outreach plan.

2. ACC Will Invite Elected Officials to Your Site

The ACC staff member you speak to will contact the Congressional offices and extend an invitation.

3. Confirming Details

If the elected official accepts the invitation, the ACC staffer will contact you to work out details and plan the visit agenda.

4. The Visit

ACC will help you prepare an agenda for the tour, speak with plant management and Congressional staff to prepare them ahead of time, and join you on the visit. Following the visit, we will follow up with any additional information to help you maintain the new relationship. We will also help you share a visit summary on social media.

Plant Tour Contacts

West & Midwest:

Email Collin Brecher


Email Claire Mullican