ACC Member Plant Tour Hub

Please bookmark this page as you work to coordinate plant tours, and check back every week to see where your company is in the running for the coveted 2023 Political Mobilization Awards!

Page last updated: July 7, 2023


  • Each official in attendance will count as one point toward the award (1 tour + 3 officials = 3 points).
  • Members with the most points by October 1, 2023 win. All tours after this date will count towards the 2024 award.
  • In order for a visit to count, ACC must either be invited to join or know about the tour ahead of time.
  • Officials include both federal and state legislators, as well as state agency leadership or governors. Staff do not.

Current Leaderboard:

These member companies have had the highest number of completed ACC-involved visits this year.

Top Three:

  • 1) BASF
  • 2) Huntsman
  • 3) LyondellBasell

Still In the Running:

  • Arkema
  • Wacker

To add a visit to your list, invite ACC on scheduled engagements or share with the team ahead of time.

Upcoming Tours: 

  • 8/28: Rep. Summer Lee at Synthomer
  • 8/29: Rep. Sam Graves at Albaugh
  • 8/31: Rep. Ben Cline at Koppers
  • 8/31: Rep. Randy Weber at BASF
  • 9/1: Rep. Wiley Nickel at Arkema
  • 9/1: Rep. Jasmine Crockett at EMD
  • 9/5: Rep. Russ Fulcher at BASF
  • 9/6: State Senator James Tomes & Margie Tomes Rep. Matt Hostettler at Lyondellbasell
  • 9/7: Rep. Brandon Williams at Chemtrade
  • 9/10: State Rep. Joe Miller at Lubrizol
  • 9/15: Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins at BASF
  • 9/19: Sen. Anthony Palumbo, Asm. Flood, & Sen. Martinez at BASF
  • 9/20: State Rep. Tony Tinderholt at Huntsman
  • 9/26: State Asm Freddie Rodriguez at Wacker
  • 9/29: State Asm Chris Ward at Wacker

How to Schedule Visits (and Win Awards):

Steps to Schedule:

1. Let Us Know

Email Quinlan Carroll ( and he will schedule a call to walk you through the process.

2. ACC Will Invite Elected Officials

Political Mobilization staff will contact the elected officials’ offices and extend the invitation. If the elected official accepts, we will contact you to work out details and plan the agenda.

3. Ahead of the Visit

We will make sure both your plant management and the Congressional offices have everything they need in advance of the visit down to where everyone should park.

4. The Tour

Political Mobilization will be on site for your tour and make sure everything goes smoothly and will document the tour for social media.

4. After

We will follow up with any additional information to help you maintain the new relationship.