Celebrating Earth Day by Bringing Advanced Recycling Technology to 2 New States

Last week, both West Virginia and Kentucky passed Advanced Recycling legislation, becoming the 17th and 18th states in America to prioritize green recycling technologies that are keeping recoverable plastics out of local landfills.

Advanced recycling is a manufacturing process that leverages chemistry to convert used plastic into top-quality new plastics.

Did you know that..

  • Through these modern technologies, many more types of plastics can be recycled compared to traditional recycling.
  • Thanks to advanced recycling, even mixed and soiled plastics can be remade into new plastics approved for food, pharmaceutical and medical use.
  • A 2021 report by Closed Loop Partners estimates advanced recycling could double the plastics packaging recycling rate in the U.S. and Canada by 2030.

West Virginia

On March 30th, West Virginia’s Governor James Justice signed H.B. 4084 into law, helping enable a new way to recycle more plastics.

The law was passed unanimously in both the House of Delegates and the Senate, making West Virginia the 17th state to enact legislation that recognizes the important benefits of advanced plastics recycling technologies. The new law will help attract advanced recycling to West Virginia by appropriately regulating these technologies as manufacturing and not as solid waste disposal.

H.B. 4084 is the perfect example of common-sense policy made possible by bipartisanship. This legislation has the potential to bring jobs and tax revenue to West Virginia while increasing the amount of plastic that is recycled instead of landfilled.”

– Rebecca McPhail,

President of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association

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On March 31st, Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear signed H.B. 45 into law, which will attract jobs to the state while enabling more plastics to be remade over and over again.

The law was passed overwhelmingly in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, making Kentucky the 18th state to enact legislation that recognizes the important benefits of advanced recycling. H.B. 45 will appropriately regulate advanced recycling technologies as manufacturing operations rather than solid waste disposal, supporting investments in advanced recycling facilities and high-quality jobs for Kentucky residents.  

“This legislation has the opportunity to convert plastic waste to new products in a repeatable loop. This technology can be a gamechanger and help put Kentucky on the map as a leader in sustainable technologies. Reducing plastic waste, while simultaneously creating new jobs, is a win-win opportunity that will improve the lives of all Kentuckians.”

Representative Adam Bowling, 87th District Kentucky State Representative and Bill Sponsor

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In Conclusion..

As advanced recycling technologies grow and take hold in several states, it’s important to keep up with the latest terminology and updates on what it can accomplish.

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