ChemistryMatters Year in Review – December 2023

Chemistry Advocates,

Welcome to our Year in Review! Thank you for being a part of our community and our wins for the world of chemistry this year.

Join us on a journey recapping all that we’ve accomplished together in 2023…


In January, we kicked off our 151st year of ACC by remembering the 150 years that chemistry has made innovation possible.
We also highlighted you, our chemistry advocates – and ways that we share our knowledge with decision-makers shaping the policy of tomorrow.


In February we welcomed CEOs from businesses across the country to DC for our Inaugural CSME fly-in.

Attendees attended a training session before heading to Capitol Hill. CSME members attended nearly 40 legislative meetings discussing issues critical to our industry – transportation, TSCA, and Responsible Care. We’re already gearing up to do it again in 2024!


March marked Women’s History Month, and we had a lot to celebrate – ACC’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee’s chairpersons were both women. 

A report was also released highlighting the role of plastics and chemistry in automobiles. #DidYouKnow that plastics in autos make up less than 10% of an average vehicle’s weight yet approximately 50% of its volume? Durable plastics in autos significantly improve fuel efficiency, and in turn reduce costs for drivers and carbon emissions from transportation.   


During April, we honored Earth Day by sharing the history of 35 years of Responsible Care® — a mandatory ACC member program which includes transparent reporting of environmental performance in areas such as air quality, emissions intensity and water use, as well as worker, facility and transportation safety.


May saw ACC CEO Chris Jahn testify to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, stressing the importance of a resilient supply chain and shared recommendations on how to get freight rail back on track.  

Quite simply – if we want to make more things in America rather than in places like China, we must manufacture and move more chemicals in America,” Jahn said. “For that to happen we must fix our nation’s transportation supply chain and make it stronger than ever.


In June, we were reminded of the importance of #TheBusinessofChemistry to our economy when the ACC Mid-Year Outlook was released.

To help get a snapshot of what things look like for the chemical industry the American Chemistry Council (ACC) launched a new tool called the Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) Survey

We also launched a tool to Signal Concerns with EPA’s Approach to TSCA New Chemical Reviews – an issue that would become top of mind as the year progressed.


In July, we celebrated 132 new members of the FOSSI program during a virtual celebration featuring keynotes from Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC) and Dr. Dietra Trent, Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity through HBCUs.

The students began school at 26 Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) this fall, and now study over a dozen science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Applications are now open for future students through January 31st, 2024.


In August, #ACCAugust was in full swing on social media as we visited chemical facilities across the country alongside U.S. members of Congress – sharing the story of chemistry with them in addition to its importance to their states. 


In September, we hosted members of the Advocacy Academy in Washington, D.C.

They started their journey at the beginning of 2023, when 37 leaders in the business of chemistry were selected to go through a six-month program to learn from experts how to advocate for the companies and our industry. Here, they had an opportunity to visit with leaders on Capitol Hill to talk about the importance of a competitive chemical industry in the US and to tell their story. 

Their visit coincided with the launch of “Chemistry Creates,

America Competes” – a campaign to help the Biden Administration and Congress understand that American success relies on American Chemistry
Click here to get involved.


In October, ACC was pleased to sponsor and take part in the 7th annual National Clean Energy Week, which featured a wide-ranging  policy symposium with policy experts, industry leaders, and lawmakers discussing strategies to lower emissions and promote American energy leadership.


In November, we celebrated National STEM Day by  empowering future innovators
We also advocated for stronger rail competition by filing joint comments to the Surface Transportation Board alongside the The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), and the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL).


This December, we’re incredibly grateful for your efforts to ensure #TheBusinessofChemistry remains a dedicated employer, environmental steward, and contributor to a better world in 2024. It’s going to be a great year!