Earth Day in Action – April 2023

Dear Chemistry Advocates,

This month, we celebrated Earth Day, and like last year, this year’s theme was “Invest in Our Planet.” Everyone deserves clean air, water, and access to a healthy, sustainable future. The business of chemistry is committed to creating solutions that accelerate progress toward a better quality of life.

Chemical companies are manufacturing products and developing processes and technologies that play a crucial role in improving quality of life and addressing critical community challenges, including addressing climate change and its impacts, enhancing access to clean water, monitoring and improving air quality in the communities where we operate, and rebuilding an aging infrastructure — all issues which have impact on communities across our nation. 

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In April..

We focused on engaging with communities and sharing safety best practices. In Houston Texas, TRANSCAER hosted more than 30 plant workers and first responders from across the region to learn more about responding to potential confined space emergencies.

Attendees took part in  field exercises and drills that focused on familiarization with various valves and fittings on cargo trailers, and potential leak points. Following those drills, attendees participated in a classroom session led by leaders from the Houston Fire Department.


This month, several companies deserve recognition for their work in Safety & Environmental Stewardship.

This month, leaders in the chemical industry were recognized with the 2023 Responsible Care® Awards for their continual work to enhance environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance within their organizations and on behalf of the chemical industry. The awards recognize individuals and organizations leading in areas of environmental, health, safety and sustainability.  You can read the list of companies here.

Stand up for New York’s environment

Tell your legislators to oppose senate bill 4246 (S. 4246).

New York lawmakers are considering legislation that reduces the state’s recycling efforts. Not only will S. 4246 limit the products we can recycle by considering more products as contaminated rather than recyclable, but the bill also does not include a critical tool in reducing plastic waste, advanced recycling. 

Advanced recycling is a sustainable process that leverages technology to convert hard-to-recycle, used plastic into top-quality, new plastic. If implemented, it could lead to:

  • A decrease in plastic waste ending up in NY landfills
  • A decrease in greenhouse gasses being emitted
  • An increase in remanufactured materials to be used in new products
  • Over $500 million in economic output added to the NY economy 

Protect New York’s environment. Tell your legislators to oppose S. 4246.

Learn more about the people making sustainability today’s reality

Meet Eric, The Entrepreneur and co-founder of Nexus Circular, an early mover in the advanced recycling space.  He’s helping to reduce plastics’ reliance on natural resources while addressing plastic waste and advancing the circular economy. Plus, he breaks down plastics – and his story – into clear, basic components, so he’s really easy to understand. His company is also recycling a lot of plastic film.

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