2022 Plant Tours

During the year, we work to create opportunities for those employed by the business of chemistry to engage with their elected officials by hosting in-district events. Bookmark this page to follow along with us as we cross the country showcasing facilities and highlighting important issues for the chemistry industry.

DuPont Tour with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks - August 3

Malcom, IA

Thank you to Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks for visiting DuPont in Fort Madison, Iowa! This plant manufactures millions of liters of inks used in several of the most popular printer brands around the world as well as colors applied to Kevlar fabrics used to protect the military, firefighters, and police officers. At the height of the pandemic, the plant supplied 240 business and organizations with hand sanitizer in the region of the state.

Roundtable with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds & 3M, BASF, Corteva, DuPont and LyondellBasell - July 27

Des Moines, IA

Thank you Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for taking time to hear from the American Chemistry Council's CEO Chris Jahn and Iowa-based plant managers from 3M, BASF, Corteva Agriscience, DuPont, and LyondellBasell at the Iowa State Capitol! We had a very valuable conversation on the #BusinessofChemistry's $18.5B economic impact on the state of Iowa, which is the 6th-largest chemistry-producing state in the United States!

BASF Tour with Rep. Ashley Hinson - July 27

Malcom, IA

Thank you to Congresswoman Ashley Hinson for visiting BASF in Malcom, IA! This site manufactures a wide range of polyurethane chemistries used in products like wheels for heavy-duty forklifts and many other applications.
At $18.51B, the #BusinessofChemistry is the 3rd largest manufacturing industry in the state of Iowa, shipping $1.37B in products to customers around the world annually. Thank you to Congresswoman Ashley Hinson for meeting with her constituents to learn how #ChemistryMatters to Iowa!

Huntsman Corporation Tour with Rep. Randy Weber - June 28

Freeport, Texas

Congressman Randy Weber visited Huntsman Corporation’s Performance Products Division’s site in Freeport, Texas. This site generates $12M in economic output annually and proudly employs 100 Texans. Two units at this site produce ethyleneamines – a “building block” in many chemistries, with end-uses in energy and fuels, construction, food production, coatings and more. As ranking member of the Energy Subcommittee for the House Science, Space, & Technology Committee, Congressman Weber understands the importance of energy that’s produced using American materials. Most important to this site, however, is safety. Their commitment to safety is clear, given the many safety awards won by this site, including recognition by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Billy D. Forbes II Award for Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence.

FMC Corp's Stine Research Center Tour with DE Sec. of Agriculture Michael Scuse - June 16

Newark, DE

It was a pleasure to join Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse, the Delaware FFA Association, and the Delaware State University MANRRS to learn more about FMC Corporation's work in the state at their Stine Research Center in Newark.
The 515-acre R&D site is investing $50 million in capital improvement projects and features state-of-the-art technology focused on crop health. The site has over 400 FMC employees that are passionately focused on finding effective solutions to make farmers’ jobs easier - from improving yield to negating weeds. FMC Corporation's crop scientists use advanced methods to duplicate the different growing conditions farmers face worldwide, to better serve their global customer base. They also serve as good stewards of their space in the Newark, DE community in unique ways. In addition to working with local students to provide internships, they also designate portions of their test farm as nature reserves and plant sunflowers along the border of their property.

BASF Tour with Senator Joni Ernst - June 10

Malcom, IA

Senator Joni Ernst visited BASF in Malcom, IA: where the site manufactures a wide range of polyurethane chemistries used in products like wheels for heavy-duty forklifts and many other applications. The site had the opportunity to highlight its Veterans Employee Resource Group. The group gives veterans an opportunity to build community within the organization with fellow veterans and allies and other employee resource groups across BASF. Senator Joni Ernst is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Iowa Army National Guard. Iowa State Senator Annette Sweeney and Representative Dean Fisher also joined for the tour and town hall event where employees offered their perspectives on issues most important to them- ranging from supply chain challenges, to recruiting talent to the site.

Ashland Tour with Senator Tom Carper - June 10

Wilmington, DE

We were lucky to be joined by Senator Tom Carper on a tour of Ashland at their headquarters in Wilmington, DE, where we toured the company’s state-of-the art R&D facilities and learned about the impressive work they’ve done to align their technology portfolio and integrate environment, social and governance (ESG) into their business plans. This Ashland site is home to nearly 175 solvers focused on R&D innovations in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, nutraceuticals, architectural coatings, and energy. With the changes the company has made over the last two years, 80% of its consumer market-focused portfolio is natural, nature-derived, biodegradable, or sustainable in use. Ashland is also partnering with the communities in which they operate around the globe to improve quality of life. Recently the company announced a program in India using science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to educate about sustainable farming practices while increasing farmers’ production by over 30%, thereby increasing the local economy in small farming villages. Ashland has continued as the title sponsor for the Delaware STEM Educator’s Awards, now in its eighth year. The company is also sponsoring the Wilmington Urban STEM initiative to expose young talent to STEM in the region.

Ingevity Tour with Rep. Rick Allen - June 10

Waynesboro, GA

Thank you Congressman Rick Allen for visiting with your constituents employed at Ingevity in Waynesboro, Georgia to see why #ChemistryMatters! Here, 215 hardworking Georgians help to create honeycombs manufactured with specialized activated carbon. These honeycombs are used in automobile and air purification applications. Ingevity, with its nearly 10 locations across the U.S., gives back to its local communities through The Y, United Way, and other groups!
Chemistry is critical to Georgia, which is the 13th largest chemistry-producing state. The #BusinessofChemistry provides nearly 45k jobs and pays $1.41B in wages in the state.

Berry Global Tour with Rep. Ben Cline - June 3

Waynesboro, VA

Congressman Ben Cline joined us to tour Berry Global in Waynesboro, VA! This Berry Global site specializes in spun bond and melt-blown polypropylene manufacturing processes utilized in personal care, medical, household, and building/construction applications. It’s clear the nearly 175+ employees at this site value the work they do, averaging a tenure of 9 years at Berry Global. The #BusinessofChemistry is critical to Virginia as the 4th manufacturing industry statewide, providing 21,000+ jobs to Virginians and generating $122M in state and local taxes. Thanks, Congressman, for seeing how much #ChemistryMatters to VA.

ICL Group Tour with Rep. Frank Mrvan

Hammond, IN

Congressman Frank J. Mrvan visited ICL GROUP in Hammond, IN! The skilled Indianans at this site manufacture phosphate chemistries used in paints & coatings to inhibit corrosion and tannin staining.
The #BusinessofChemistry employs over 30,000 statewide & ships $1.94B in goods annually.

LyondellBasell Tour with U.S. Surface Transportation Board Members - May 27

Morris, IL

Chairman Oberman, Vice Chairman Schultz, and Board Member Fuchs of the Surface Transportation Board toured the LyondellBasell facility in Morris, Illinois to see firsthand how important reliable & competitive #FreightRail service is to U.S. #manufacturing. We commend the STB for taking the time to get a real-world account of our operations. The #BusinessofChemistry is the 4th largest manufacturing industry in IL supporting 25,000 jobs. Solving ongoing rail issues are central to the growth of manufacturing in the state. We urge Congress to support the STB’s efforts to help get #freightrail back on track.

Wacker Chemical Tour with MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Ann Arbor, MI

American Chemistry member Wacker Chemical opened an 18-acre Innovation Center and Regional Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Governor Gretchen Whitmer and other elected officials joined to celebrate the opening of this facility, which will ultimately house 300 Wacker Chemical employees that are leading scientific efforts in the automotive, healthcare, personal care, and construction industries. The site was initially chosen with the community’s strong research and education backbone in mind and was built following the successful establishment of a Silicones R&D Center in Ann Arbor in 2017. Said the Governor, “Let’s keep working together to grow the economy, create good-paying jobs, and conduct groundbreaking research that will define the future—right here in Michigan.”

Merck Tour with Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester

Millsboro, DE

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester visited Merck Animal Health in Millsboro, DE. This site employs nearly 380 skilled Delawareans, who work each day to ensure animals of many shapes and sizes stay healthy through vaccine research and production. Right in Millsboro, they’re able to produce billions of vaccine vials a year that are shipped to over 70 countries. The work done at this site contributes to the health of animals around the world by preventing, treating, and in some cases, even eradicating diseases. In addition to their impressive global footprint, Merck gives back to the local community. Currently, they sponsor the college education of 4 college students through the Future of STEM Scholars program (FOSSI), which serves students studying STEM at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The #BusinessofChemistry’s footprint in Delaware is critical to its economy - as the 2nd largest manufacturing industry statewide, chemistry companies generate $588M in products annually that are shipped worldwide. Over 3,500 Delawareans are directly employed in this sector, earning an average annual wage that is 59% higher than peers in standard manufacturing roles.

LyondellBasell Tour with Rep. Jake Ellzey

Mansfield, TX

Thank you to Rep. Jake Ellzey for visiting LyondellBasell in Mansfield, Texas, where 90 skilled Texans work to produce compounds used in many auto body parts! LyondellBasell’s Mansfield Plant, located just outside Fort Worth, has been operating for nearly 30 years at this location. The facility produces compounds of polypropylene known as thermoplastic polyolefins which are used to manufacture items like bumper covers, bodyside moldings, and grills. As the largest chemistry-producing state, Texas chemistry pays $8.13B in wages annually and ships $38.21B in products to customers worldwide. Thanks again to Congressman Ellzey for seeing how #ChemistryMatters to Texas.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Tour with Rep. August Pfluger - May 2

Brownwood, TX

Thank you Congressman August Pfluger for visiting Chevron Phillips Chemical Company in Brownwood TX! This site was acquired in 2000 and employs 70 hardworking Texans, who help produce high-density #polyethylene products commonly used for safe, durable pipes in the oil & gas industry. Texas is the largest chemistry-producing state, employing nearly 375,000 skilled workers in the state at an average annual salary of $118,000. The #BusinessofChemistry invests $5.95B across Texas to build & update equipment and facilities and ships $38.21B in products to customers around the world.

Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing Event with Rep. John Moolenaar

St. Louis, MI

The Michigan Chemistry Council hosted their annual Mid-Michigan Update at Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing LLC, which manufactures chlorine chemistry processing equipment to be sent around the world.
We were joined by Congressman John Moolenaar, Michigan Senator Ken Horn, Michigan Representative Ben Frederick, and representatives from the office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Senator Gary Peters.
Thank you to the panel of elected officials and staff for providing an update to attendees on the important work happening in state and federal government.

KAO Specialties Americas LLC Tour with Rep. Kathy Manning - Apr 20

High Point, NC

Thank you to Congresswoman Kathy Manning for visiting with your constituents at Kao Specialties Americas LLC (KSA) in High Point, NC!
KSA is headquartered and has a manufacturing site here, where they produce materials found in everything from beauty products to copier/printer toners, to asphalt and road-building materials. Their High Point location employs 150 North Carolinians after Kao Corporation Japan’s purchase of the site from High Point Chemical in 1987. KSA operates in three target industries, Oleo Chemicals, Performance Chemicals, and Specialty Chemicals. The business of chemistry is critical to North Carolina, which is the 7th-largest chemistry-producing state. Nearly 50,000 North Carolinians are employed by this industry, which ships $3.15B in products around the world annually. Thank you, Congresswoman, for learning how #ChemistryMatters to NC!

Pilot Chemical Company Tour with Rep. Brad Wenstrup - Apr 8

Lockland, OH

Thank you to Congressman Brad Wenstrup for visiting with your hardworking constituents at the family-owned Pilot Chemical Company in Lockland, Ohio! This company started 70 years ago with a patent in Ice-Cold Sulfonation technology and now creates the materials behind household essentials like body soap, laundry detergent, cleaning products, and even nitrile gloves. A former combat surgeon in the U.S. Army, Congressman Wenstrup understood firsthand the importance of products like PPE, including nitrile gloves, in stopping the spread of disease. He also noted that keeping the manufacture of critical products like these in the U.S. will ensure Americans can always have access to the items they need. In OH alone, nearly 85,000 Ohioans are employed in the #BusinessofChemistry at an average wage of over $102,000 a year - making it the 3rd largest chemistry-producing state.

Huntsman Tour with Rep. Ralph Norman - Mar 22

Rock Hill, SC

Thank you to Congressman Ralph Norman for visiting Huntsman Corporation in Rock Hill, South Carolina! This site employs 40 South Carolinians who help manufacture resins for automotive, aerospace and infrastructure industries that hold difficult-to-adhere products together while providing flexibility and strength. This facility produces more than 5 million pounds of materials every year. In South Carolina, the business of chemistry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the state, offering nearly 35,000 jobs and generating $196 million in state and local taxes.Thanks for visiting the Huntsman Corporation site to see how much #ChemistryMatters to South Carolina!

Huntsman Tour with Rep. Jerry Carl - Feb 21

McIntosh, AL

Thank you to Congressman Jerry Carl for visiting Huntsman’s Advanced Materials facility in McIntosh, AL. This site employs over 170 skilled Alabamans who create specialty epoxy resins that are used in demanding applications including automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas exploration. This site sits on 34 acres of land, having undergone expansions in 2012. The workers here take safety very seriously - going an impressive 2 years without a health or safety violation. The business of chemistry is a major employer in the state, providing over 23,000 jobs and paying $890M in wages annually. Alabama chemistry generates $141M in state & local taxes and ships $2.00B to customers around the world.

Solvay Tour with Rep. Steve Chabot - Mar 4

Cincinnati, OH

Thank you to Congressman Steve Chabot for visiting Solvay in Cincinnati, Ohio! This site was established 80 years ago and employs 30+ Ohioans, who produce a variety of alumina powders that are shipped worldwide. These compounds are used in catalytic converters, most commonly used in vehicles to control & reduce emissions, resulting in greener cars on the road. This site also creates pastes and paints for aluminum brazing.

This facility is a great example of Ohio’s importance in helping our country create greener transportation options - nearly 100,000 people are employed in the
business of chemistry in the state, and they produce a number of chemistry solutions across Ohio daily.

Huntsman Building Solutions Tour with Rep. Jake Ellzey - Feb 22

Arlington, TX

Thank you to Congressman Jake Ellzey for taking time during a busy work period to visit with his 70+ constituents employed at Huntsman Building Solutions in Arlington, TX. This business produces energy-saving spray foam insulation used in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Huntsman is able to divert over 250 million recycled PET bottles every year in the creation of their spray foam insulation - which can provide homeowners up to 50% savings on their energy costs. This site also gives back: Huntsman trains almost 900 contractors a year in the effective application of spray foam insulation to maximize energy savings - helping to make Texas greener.

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