Sustainability in Sight – May 2024

Dear Chemistry Advocates,

We hope you had a great May! It was a busy month here for Team Chemistry, celebrating sustainability and launching helpful reports to advocates of the good work being done in the world of chemistry.

At the ACC Responsible Care® and Sustainability Conference 2024, six companies were honored for their work in advancing sustainability, circularity, and environmental protection.

The “Chemistry and Automobiles” report found that compared to a decade ago, the average value of chemistry in a vehicle had increased by 31%. The increase has driven fuel efficiency by allowing vehicles to become more lightweight.

Sustainability Starts with Chemistry: New Report Demonstrates Chemical Industry’s Role in Advancing a Sustainable Future 

Have you heard? This month, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) released a new Sustainability Report, “Sustainability Starts with Chemistry,” to highlight the crucial role the chemical industry plays in advancing sustainability progress around the globe. 

This interactive report highlights the important progress chemistry producers are making to advance key sustainability priorities that we all have. 

Click here to dive in.

Can you believe Team Chemistry has brought legislators out on almost 50 tours of facilities so far this year? We’ve brought state legislators, members of Congress, and even Governors out to see the important work folks are doing at sites across the country.

Earlier this month, we brought Idaho Governor Brad Little to BASF in Parma, ID. with Chanel Tewalt, Director of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Learn more about the ways the business of chemistry supports state economies by visiting our Chemistry in the States resource!

Member Highlight

Meet Brenna, a visionary chemical engineer at LyondellBasell, who is making significant strides in sustainability and community outreach. With a deep-rooted passion for improving efficiencies and reducing environmental impacts, Brenna’s story highlights the critical role of innovation and sustainability in the chemical industry.

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