Stop the Plastics Tax

Members of Congress have proposed an excise tax of $.20 per pound on the sale of virgin plastic. Instead, manufacturers and consumers encourage Congress to consider 5 Actions for Sustainable Change that will jumpstart a circular economy for plastics.

“There is a way to ‘build back better, achieving the goals of the Administration, without hitting consumers in the wallet; opening the door further to China; and jeopardizing our national priorities like addressing climate change.”

— Chris Jahn, American Chemistry Council President & CEO

Use Your Voice

Amplify our important message on Social Media using the hashtag #StopthePlasticTax

Suggested Messages:

As U.S. manufacturers & consumers are facing rising inflation, stretched supply chains, and a need for economic recovery, Congress is considering several new taxes on everyday products. Write your representatives now.

Congress’ proposed #PlasticsTax is a regressive tax on everything, that could end up costing consumers on the items they need the most. Tell your representative to #StopthePlasticTax now to avoid paying more at the store. 

#DidYouKnow Congress is considering a new tax that could escalate the cost of plastic materials by up to 26%? Help join the #StopthePlasticsTax coalition to keep these taxes from raising costs for consumer goods.

A #PlasticsTax would cost consumers while doing little to curb emissions – instead, we urge Congress to take action to address plastic waste. #5ActionsforSustainableChange can jumpstart a circular economy for plastics.


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